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When traveling, packaging your items the right way is very important. It is always frenzy when packing especially when you are in a hurry. You might forget one or two things. Traveling is always exciting
and there are so many things that you would need for travel. Get everything completely to have a great time during your trip. When you have to lose or forget items; it can make you feel bad, make you lose time, and probably make you feel frustrated. You won’t want to have a scowl on your face during your trip.

There are some items that are more important than others, these items can have a lot of influence on your trip; let’s look at 6 items that would very important to carry.

Top Items:


  • Your passport/visa: Don’t forget to grab your passport or visa; with it you are not
    going anywhere. One of the ways you can ensure that you don’t forget this item
    is that you can keep it on the dining table or the table on the sitting room.
    This way you are seeing it all the time. You can also keep it in on the small
    area in your backpack, so you can pick it up easily when you want to use it at
    the airport.

  • Your charger: You can’t forget your charger, because you can’t have your phone run
    out of battery, especially when you have to make a call for an underage car
    rental, or get a cab service. Try putting your charger in the small area of
    your bag, the night before you are about to travel or also ensure that it is in
    the area where you can easily pick it up when you want it.


  • Wallet/purse (ID): while some people stuff their wallet in the pocket some people might not
    be able to do so. It has to go in the backpack. Try putting your wallet on the
    table, in an area where you cane easily pick it up or see it. Or you can ensure
    that it is in the bag earlier before the day of the travel.

  • Toothbrush: Don’t forget the tooth brush; imagine how uncomfortable you feel when your
    mouth is not washed. What is you are in
    a place where you can’t purchase one. Getting comfortable in your own skin and
    the recipe to having fun during your trip starts with a fresh, ensure you have
    this covered.


  • Underwear: A saying goes that the secret to feeling fabulously dressed is wearing
    comfortable underwear. Grab those panties, don’t forget. They are a strong
    motivation to have fun and go all the way.
    Ensure they are clean and well backed in the bag, also get the right


  • Body spray: Pack your body spray in the backpack. It is a very essential commodity
    for a travel trip. Smelling get all day long helps to keep you comfortable and
    happy. You would enjoy the ride, play all the way and get all the juice of trip
    as you go.


There are other items that could go into your backpack like your clothes and shoes but with these important items in your back pack, everything can come as a plus because you would be comfortable and have regardless of what happens you can have the best of your trip. Carrying the basic thing that you need can help you have fun ride with underage car rental, motivate you to be bold and take all the opportunities that come your way and  make your trip the best that it should be.